If there were ever an all-in-one total body exercise, burpees would rank amongst the best. Burpees are a great way to strengthen and condition your entire body with nothing more than your own bodyweight. If you’re looking to change up your workouts or kick it up a notch in the gym, then burpees are just the thing for you.

How-to do burpees

  1. Begin in a squatted position with your hands on the floor in front of you
  2. Jump your feet back behind you as you lower your torso to the ground as if in the bottom phase of a push-up.
  3. Jump your feet back up towards your hands as if in the starting position again
  4. Jump straight up into the air extending your arms vertically to the sky, and repeat

Perform this exercise as fast as possible without rest in between sets. Jump as high as you can each time to keep the intensity high. Try doing as many burpees as you can in 30 seconds. If the intensity is too high try one of the modified versions below or slow your pace. Over time work up to traditional burpees or one of the harder variations listed below, as fast as you can for 30 seconds. Perform this exercise 3-6 times with minimal rest between sets or add it into your current cardio routine.

Modified version

There are a couple ways you can modify burpees to make them easier if you find the initial difficult too challenging. One way is by not lowering the torso to the ground, as mentioned in step two. Instead just jump your feet back while keeping your arms extended as if in a traditional push-up position.

Another way to make it even easier is by simply doing Squat Thrusts. This exercise is identical to burpees in every way except it excludes the jump at the end. Instead of the jump you merely stand upright at the end of the movement before repeating.

Burpees with a push-up

If you’ve mastered the traditional burpee or if it just isn’t challenging enough, then add a push-up to the mix. After you have completed step 2 and you are in the bottom phase of a push-up, then perform an actual push-up and continue with the rest of the burpee exercise.

Weighted burpees

Ok now, you tough guy or gal, this one’s for you! If you blast through burpees and burpees with a push-up without even breaking a sweat, then here’s your next challenge–add a weighted vest. The more you weigh the more you’ll burn and the tougher this challenge will be. Don’t overdo it too much when starting out though, because it doesn’t take that much to feel the effects of this workout.

Whether you are just getting back into exercise or an avid exercise go-er, this one is sure to shape you up. Not only does this exercise challenge your endurance and strength, but it also helps the pounds drop off. Add burpees in at least a few days a week and reap the rewards!

Article by: Lauren Lopez