Life is full of Do’s and Dont’s. Some things are clear like, DO get your girlfriend flowers on Valentine’s Day (if you want to keep her), or DON’T wear socks with sandals (also if you want to keep her). But we all know other things in life aren’t so clear, like what’s diet plan to follow this year.

To help you on your way to a healthier 2015 we’ve said “I do” to three diets that we like.


We love this diet because it’s straight forward, uncomplicated, and fairly flexible. You’re encouraged to eat foods like our ancestors did in the Paleolithic era – hence the name “Paleo.” Those who follow this diet avoid processed foods and refined sugars, they stand firmly against gluten thus avoid grains, and instead fill their plates with the following…

Do eat:

Grass-fed meats
Fish and poultry
Fresh fruits and veggies
Nuts and seeds
Heathy oils like avocado and coconut

Don’t eat:

Grains (avoid Gluten all together)
Processed foods
Dairy (except for eggs)


This diet is quite the IG sensation, just search the hashtag #rawtill4 to get inspired. Basically, you ONLY eat fruits, vegetables, and a small quantity of raw nuts and seeds in their purest rawest form, untilĀ 4pm. That’s right, ONLY fruits and veggies (in fact 1,000 calories worth at each meal!) beforeĀ 4pm, then you can eat the following…

Do eat:

Unprocessed COOKED carbs! – as many as you’d like. Like rice, potatoes, and gluten-free pasta accompanied by cooked veggies – also unlimited quantities of these, and a large green salad.

Don’t eat:

Animal protein
Processed foods
Sugar (other than what comes from fruit)


Ok, ok, so this is not an “official” diet, but if you’ve ever watched The Pioneer Woman on The Food Network you’d agree that eating the way her and her family of cowboys eats is glorious. She basically invites you to forget all rules, and eat anything and everything that your heart desires. She feeds her family anything from fried doughnuts for breakfast to 5lb steaks for dinner. Everything is homemade, and she giggles as she adds yet another stick of butter to her pan. The catch? You need to be incredibly physically active – as in horse riding, dog chasing, water pumping, fence building – and you need to completely ignore all the do’s and dont’s of dieting.

So why is no one in her family overweight? We believe that it’s because they eat crops as fresh as they can be, they eat whole butter and milk, avoiding skim or “light” products, they eat for fuel, always eat as a family (so meal time is about sharing time together not about the food itself), and most importantly they find JOY in everything they do – like eating.

We’ve given you three great choices to start the year off right. We always encourage you add moderate exercise to any meal plan to help your body gain strength and build muscle. Will you say I Do to a protein packed year by going “Paleo”? Will you give up all meats and fats and try a raw/vegan lifestyle? Or, will you forget all the rules and eat extra hearty and rich meals like the cowboys? Whatever you choose, pick one and DON’T look back.

By Natalia Cherubini-Kim