Have you ever wondered what it’d be like to workout in Heaven? You’d be able to beat the deadlift world record of 1,155lbs by using your pinkies, you’d have a twelve pack after one sit-up, you’d master every yoga move in Iyengar’s book and some, and for sure you’d run the 100 meter dash at the speed of light.
Well, imagine no longer. HolyFIT has come to Orange County, and although they can’t promise you’ll reach quite that level of athleticism, they’ve got God on their side – so anything could happen.
Founders Greg and Addie Zinone have a special relationship with fitness and Him. Through some of the immense adversity they’ve faced in their life – from PTSD, to life threatening bodily injury – working out, giving back to their community through non-profit work, and staying close to their church has helped them jump through those impossible hoops.

Now they’re ready to put their experiences to good use and teach others how exercise and spirituality can get you through any obstacle course.


What is HolyFIT?

Greg says, “Exercise and just living healthy makes you feel good about yourself. Feeling good about yourself allows you to find the good in the bad, and power through the worst. Take that, combine it with learning and knowing God is running and doing push ups right there with you, and add in workouts lead and created by professional athletes and celebrities, and you have HolyFIT!”


Where is HolyFIT?
HolyFIT is currently leading in-person workouts at Mariners Church in Orange County, CA – http://www.marinerschurch.org/ – and doing so with the best trainers from around OC.
However, Greg and Addie have a vision for the future of their program. They wish for all pro-lead HolyFIT workouts, and all HolyFIT series workouts, to be streamed live for any church and for any individual or family to be a part of, watch, and workout to from their homes.


What is HolyFIT’s Mission?
To be THE fitness program adopted by Churches and Christians all over the country, and eventually all over the world! In addition to that, the money raised will go to purchasing exercise equipment and bringing HolyFIT for churches and groups of kids who
cannot afford the extra expense of a gym or an after-school fitness program.


Why HolyFIT?
Well, although we’d love to have that heavenly supernatural strength here on earth, because we’re human, we have to go through the motions. Trying to find the motivation to exercise solo can be difficult, so join the top professional athletes, celebrities, and pro athlete trainers from HolyFIT for workouts that incorporate the word of God, prayer through HolyFIT Pray60, and all level classes to encourage even the least active individuals to change their lives through fitness and prayer.
In Greg’s own words, “HolyFIT will be THE fitness program for all those who follow God and want to live a healthier life for themselves- and Him!”
To donate to HolyFIT please visit: https://www.crowdrise.com/holyfit
Article by Natalia Cherubini-Kim