You just never know when bad guys will surround you. Get ready for any scuffle at Krav Maga OC.

Krav Maga translates from the Hebrew as “contact combat,” and is a series of self-defense techniques developed by the Israeli military. Now taught to civilians due to its simplicity and effectiveness, it shows adult and children how to defend themselves from a single or multiple attackers with a few directed jolts to venerable points in the body.

Krav Maga OC was founded in 1992, with two locations in Mission Viejo and Irvine. With over 20-years experience under their belt, and over 400 students, their trained professionals are the only ones in the county with six Black Belt levels, making this the premier choice for expert training in the OC.

One such professional is Yuri Bolarsky. With 28-years experience, Yuri received his black belt from Krav Maga Founder himself, Imi Lichtenfeld. Not only has he worked with law enforcement agencies in the US, he’s taught the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), provided training to Israeli security forces, and protected embassies and consulates. Now how would you like to get your belt from this 2nd degree Black belt?

Check out their schedule of classes, and show up anytime in your workout clothes and tennis shoes. Newbie’s are always welcome and in your beginner classes you’ll learn the basics of fighting stance and movement, punches, kicks, and other useful techniques such as chokes, and headlocks – you know, the kind you’ll practice at home with your pillow or spouse as they beg you to tap out.

As you become more serious though, you may want to invest in a mouthpiece, shin guards, wrist wraps, gloves, athletic supporter, or headgear, to train to your full potential. And, who knows, if you’re ever head-to-head with the bad guys, you might just be the one to beat.


By Natalia Cherubini-Kim