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Fit for Sex

It’s an undisputed fact that exercise can improve your health and reduces your risk for many life-threatening diseases, but numerous studies are also showing…


Holy Fitness

  Have you ever wondered what it’d be like to workout in Heaven? You’d be able to beat the deadlift world record of 1,155lbs…

Paleo salad

Say I Do to a Better You

Life is full of Do’s and Dont’s. Some things are clear like, DO get your girlfriend flowers on Valentine’s Day (if you want to…


7 Great Holiday Fitness Gifts

This Christmas, give the gift of health with these 7 great holiday products. Weider Adjustable Kettlebell – Kettlebells have skyrocketed in popularity lately and offer a…


Red Wine to Our Rescue

With the Holiday season upon us, we are bombarded with work functions, parties, and dinners to attend. Chances are, your shindig will have alcohol…


Banish Belly Bloat

With the holidays around the corner, many of you are making a firm resolve to banish that unsightly belly fat and show off a…